Teaching Materials


This is a set of lecture slides that provides a non-technical introduction to Statistics for non-Statistics-major students. It is originally conceived as a support to the course "Data Analytics for Pharmaceutical Sciences" at the University of Geneva.

This is an interactive website that provides an introduction to data science using the R language. In particular, this website introduces the basic concepts of data structures, control structures, and functions in R. It also discusses data manipulation and data visualization. This website is originally conceived as a support to the course "Introduction to Data Science" at the University of Geneva, which was rewarded with pedagogical innovations, and was among the best 3 projects for the Credit Suisse Award for Best Teaching 2020.

This ebook contains an overview of the basic procedures to adequately approach a time series analysis. In particular, it discusses how to use descriptive analysis to identify important characteristics of a time series, and then employ modelling and inference techniques (made available through R funtions) that allow to describe a time series and make predictions.